Monday, 17th June 2019
Croí Nua Spirituality Centre, Galway

Pope Francis and Syria

When Pope Francis called for a peaceful and prayerful response and a negotiated conclusion for the Syrian savage civil and sectarian religious war, he was speaking with deep concern, wisdom, and spiritual insight. Working for a non-violent solution is the greatest good. It seems his words have been heeded. Prayer works.
A missile strike by the United States and supporting countries against Syria has been averted for now. The threat was to stop more chemical attacks.
The greatest fear by all is that some of the stockpiles could fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda terrorists to be used against their enemies including Israel and Western countries. The threat of imminent missile strikes by the United States and its supporters have now receded. It seems that Pope Francis’ call for non violent solutions was heard.
An effort to face the massive slaughter that continues daily is badly needed. We pray with the Pope for this grace and hope he may take further initiatives that would draw or shame the nations to move towards a ceasefire and a just solution for the country that is so long afflicted. Violence is not a solution and eventually peace talks must take place.

“When someone is self-sufficient, when he has all the answers to every question, it is proof God is not with him”. (Pope Francis)