Dealing with Anger constructively

Fr. Nick Harnan MSC
Fr. Nick Harnan MSC

Fr. Nick Harnan MSC is a clinical psychotherapist and  has written a number of books and given retreats worldwide and facilitated previous courses in Croi Nua. 
He will speak about Anger from his many years experience as a psychotherapist. It is the one emotion which is most misunderstood and mismanaged. It is a central emotion which underlies all our attempts to protect ourselves and to achieve higher goals. If it is misunderstood there is the danger of repressing it and it goes underground. Then it becomes a very negative and dangerous force in our lives, ranging from depressions and self destructive behaviours to very dangerous aggressive behaviours.
 Fr Nick will also explain that if our Anger is properly integrated it can become a very positive force which gives us greater energy, creativity and endurance.  

Date: Saturday 19th November.

Time: 10.00-4.00p.m.

Venue: Croi Nua Centre, Rosary Lane, Taylor’s Hill, Galway.

 Suggested Stipend:  €20.00 or as you can pay. 

Further Information if required: Croi Nua, Rosary Lane, Taylor’s Hill, Galway. 

Tel. (091) 520960 or mobile 0872980564

E-mail:  Website:

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