Wednesday, 22nd May 2019
Croí Nua Spirituality Centre, Galway

Working with the Wisdom of our Dreams

You are invited to experience the amazing wisdom of your dreams as a powerful source of guidance from the soul.

Facilitator: Kathleen Duffy 

Kathleen Duffy is an accredited Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist and supervisor who has a passion for working with the use of dreams in her practice for over twenty five years. She has recently had her book published on this subject, entitled: “Awaken to the Wisdom of your Dreams – Mirrors in the river”.

This very popular workshop invites participants to experience the amazing wisdom of Dreams as a powerful source of Guidance from the Soul. It offers practical experience of how to make sense of the unconscious wisdom we often dismiss through lack of understanding of this ancient dream language. “For God does speak to us, now one way, now another, though man may not perceive it, in a dream, in a vision of the night when deep sleep falls on men / women as they slumber in their beds, he opens their ears and gives them instruction“. Job 33:14-16 
Participants will gain an understanding of the psyche and its functioning, as well as an opportunity to explore the irrational nature of the dream in bringing unconscious content to consciousness. 
Kathleen will also;

  • Introduce you to the language of the dream, which is that of symbol, myth, ritual, imagination and story. 

  • Explore some of the major Archetypes of the psyche.

  • Teach you how to discern when to take dream wisdom literally or symbolically.

  • Work with why we have recurring dreams, and what happens when we ignore them and they turn into nightmares.

  • Examine the difference between personal and universal symbols.

  • Show you how to befriend the unconscious, and listen to, record, and work with dream wisdom in order to benefit from this guidance in everyday life.

Date: Saturday 20th October 

Time:10.00 – 4.00 p.m.

Further Information: Croi Nua, Rosary Lane, Taylor’s Hill, Galway. 

Phone: (091) 520960 or mobile 0872980564